The Aquarium of Genoa

The largest aquarium in Europe, The Aquarium of Genoa is the richest exhibition of aquatic biodiversity in Europe.

The experience at aquarium is not limited to the visit only but is much more:

1) Bigo – Panoramic elevator that rotates at 360 ° designed by the Arch. Renzo Piano

2) Tropical Garden – An area where you can observe without barriers the flight of colorful butterflies and small tropical birds. The room is also home to amphibians and tropical reptiles

3) Biosphere – The place to discover the fauna and flora of tropical forests. A permanent display of orchids native to East Asia visible along with scarlet Ibis and other birds flying free into the structure

4) Dialogue in the dark – Extraordinary multisensory journey where visitors, accompanied by a blind guide, face a 45-minute journey into total darkness to experience a new way of "seeing" reality, relying exclusively on the senses of touch, hearing, smell and taste

5) Galata Museum of the Sea – The largest and most innovative maritime museum in the Mediterranean

Also guided tours:

- Behind the scenes
- You for yourself with dolphins or penguins

Possibility of breakfast or emotional dinner with "entertainment" of dolphins.
Find out with our reception or book directly from our site so you will find your tickets directly at the hotel without having to queue.

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